The Team

Maria Kyrlidou

Managing Director

Born and raised in Germany Maria studied Philosophy in Thessaloniki and it was during this time, as a university student, that she got involved with tourism for the first time. The possibilities Greece offers in this field impressed her from the very first moment. She remained faithful to tourism, slowly building a professional career. Almost 20 years ago she founded A La Carte Travel MICE & Groups and never regretted it. Optimistic by nature, she believes that difficulties in life are usually overcome with hope, dream and humor - and that's the reason she never loses hers. Except for tourism and travelling, she is passionate about Mediterranean cooking. In her spare time she cooks using simple ingredients and choosing recipes from all over Greece.

Maria Zinolidou

Operations Manager

Born in Essen and after growing up, spending her childhood and college-university years in her second home country Germany she decided to get an impression of Greece by moving to the island of Knights – to Rhodes. Her passion for travelling and different destinations has kept her in the tourism business since then, whilst moving to the main land of Greece. Although she is fascinated by Greece and the Greek passionate way of living, she never forgot her time and friends in Germany. She speaks German, English and Greek and when she is not travelling, she loves listening to music and spending time with her family & friends whilst drinking a good glass of wine. Her daily motto…”Don’t waste your time – Enjoy!”

Alexandros Parisis

Project Manager M.I.C.E.

Born in Wuppertal and after growing, spending his childhood and college years in his second home country he decided to follow his family to Greece. After meeting his wife during his stay he decided to begin a new life period here in Greece. Enchant by the Greek culture and the beautiful islands and travel-destinations, the travel business catches him. He speaks German, English and Greek and when he is not travelling, he follows his favorite soccer-team and spends his time with his family and friends.

Anna Zidrou

Project Manager M.I.C.E.

Born and growing up in Darmstadt, after many years at work she decided to face a new experience. She went on holiday to her beloved home country Greece, and got the chance. The tourism called, and she did not hesitate one second to combine her passion for travelling, her language skills and the big love to Greece to make her dream of living in Greece come true. If she is not commuting between her second home country Germany and Greece to meet family and friends, she does sports and loves dancing.

Kyriaki Braimas

Head of Groups and Transfers

Was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in Germany. She began her career in the industry. After some instructive years she changed course and began in one of the biggest hotels in Düsseldorf. She organized events, conferences, gala diners and would certainly still be there if her love for Greece wasn’t so strong. So after 8 years she ventured again a big step and returned permanently to Greece. And moved in an entirely new profession - the textile industry where she stayed for almost 15 years. But she never forgot her splendid time in tourism - so back again! She speaks English and German, writes poetry and annoys (or not ?) her friends and colleagues with self-written ones.

Kerstin Klemme

Project Manager Groups

Born and raised in Germany. She studied photography and discovered Greece and the tourism industry by a coincidence. Fascinated by the scenic beauty of Greece, the mild climate and the positive mental attitude of the locals to manage their life with humor, she has declared Greece to her homeland. Her hobbies: traveling, photography and detective novels. Her passion: her dogs and her garden

Maria Gkarli

Project Manager Groups

Maria was born in Thessaloniki and spent her childhood in a small town in Chalkidiki. Her passion to work in tourism was triggered by TV documentaries as well as travelling to countries with different cultures and meeting people from far off lands. This was enough for her to study Tourism and still plays a major role in her life. She speaks English and devotes much of her spare time in order to perfect her skills in the German language. But she did not miss to pursue her other hobbies as well: watching movies, reading books and especially - planning her next trips!!

Stella Peleka

Project Manager Groups

Born and grew up in Solingen, Germany. She studied system integration as an IT–Specialist in Germany and in 2008 she decided to return to her native country Greece. The job in the parental hotel business inspired her to remain faithful to the tourism industry. So she took the opportunity to live her passion for tourism in the daily challenge. She speaks German, English and Greek. Her free time belongs to her children. If they leave her time, she loves to read books, meeting friends, listen to music, dancing or even sing by herself.

Georgia Topouzaki

Account Department

She was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in beautiful Chalkidiki. She studied Information Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Serres. She can’t live without the sea and the sun and that’s why she returns to Chalkidiki! In the summer she loves to relax on a beach!  She also loves travelling around the world! The three E’s that she has always on her mind are: “Energy”, “Enthusiasm” and “Experiences”! In her free time she meets with her friends and spends time with her dog!

Theodoros Kalfas

IT Department

He was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in Moudania. He is a web developer where he researches and writes custom content. He graduated from the University of Essex UK, with a masters degree in Advanced Web Engineering in 2012. After graduation he lived in Spain for 6 months where he finished his internship as a Software Engineer and he travelled extensively before moving back to Halkidiki. What is the reason of his coming back to Greece? Like Greek islands, nowhere!!! That’s why he chose to discover the Web in Hospitality and Tourism. He speaks English and basic French but the next stage is ….improving his Spanish!!  His hobbies: basketball, travelling and social media!

Dimitris Topouzidis

Web Designer

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, studied in the UK. His passion for computers and new technologies in all areas made the decision to study Computer Science at the University of Lancaster and add a Masters degree in Interactive Multimedia Systems at Liverpool John Moores look quite easy. Gaining knowledge is what he's looking for, and he is always after continuing education programs. When he's not in front of a PC working, he enjoys spending time travelling with his family.